Fleet Services Report – July 2017

Written Bydulac
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Dear Diary,

I feel happy today. I am glad to put my report in this new system, and I am excited to see the new forums get some use. I cannot wait for the next version or two of IFS2 so that we can start incorporating more functionality for everyone.

One thing I wanted to see more of is database and news entries. I know people are reluctant to do this, but anyone can submit a news article and add database content, pending some quick approvals of course. But I just want to see everyone involved and engaged. That would make me more happy today.

Signed, Joon (aka Chris)

PS: I don’t have a crush on @dulac anymore. I need to find a new secret crush.

PSS: If I don’t see another MediaWiki installation ever again, I’m ok with that.

Welcome to another Fleet Services report, but this time reporting in IFS2 and also reporting mostly on IFS2 topics. We did have some activities going on in July in IFS1 and a topics in the forums, but the majority of work was done in preparation for Obsidian Day. Those announcements and some of where we’re headed is on which I will focus in this report.

And by the way, if you cannot tell from this report, other reports, and Discord and other interactions, we really want ALL of you to interact and get engaged. This is not just a new system for the fleet, it’s a new open era for the fleet, where we truly want to be in contact with each and every one of you, with feedback and casual communications flowing naturally. It’s up to everyone to make Obsidian Fleet awesome!

New Staff

As you probably saw from Obsidian Day we have some new faces in the FS department. I have a new “deputy”, or what we’re calling Assistant Director. Shatner’s Hair, aka Luke, has come on as our Assistant Director of Engagement, helping me focus on areas of engagement such as Discord, the forums, and external engagement where necessary. I am happy to have him on board!

We also have a new group of Community Engagement Champions, initially formed of @bagheera, @golden (Gregnol), and @shatners_hair (aforementioned Asst. Dir.). But this team could grow and I hope some of you will be open to this in the future. This team will assistant with projects, help Luke and I with in-fleet engagement, and just be a few smiling (or grumpy?) faces for our members.

You can see a full description of the department and a list of our staff at our FS site page.


Other than the efforts of the people mentioned above, the entire community has been quite engaged and involved. I appreciate everyone’s efforts, although as I indicated in a somewhat humorous way above, we sure could use some more forum activity. Jump over now and put some topics or get involved with some other discussions.

Did you know you can also post status updates about yourself and see how people to react? Or comment on others’ goings-on in the Activity Stream?

I also wanted to share that we pumped a few bucks into Facebook and we were able to get a LOT of hits and some new page likes/follows. We did this leading up to Obsidian Day and it was very fruitful. We are looking into what we can do to continue this to get people more involved on Facebook as well as driving them to Discord and the new site.

Awards Transformation

So we are pleased to finally announce the transformation of our Awards. We have unanimous consent from the Fleet Council and a feedback period with Commanding Officers, so we are ready to show the rest of the community. A summary of changes can be found HERE, and please comment if you have a question or suggestion. While we are moving forward with these, we do want to know what you think. We can always tweak over time.

[yp_button href=”https://www.obsidianfleet.net/awards-listing/” target=”_blank” size=”md” full_width=”false” active=”false” color=”default” icon_before=”fa fa-trophy” icon_after=””]Awards Listing[/yp_button]

Database and News

So we have this awesome new Database, and we have a great way of posting News articles. You know what? You can contribute to those as well! There is a beta of an Academy course in the new IFS2 that you should take – a self-paced Database/News course. Then just email services@ or fill our a Help Request and we’ll get you access to create Database and News articles.

We want you to contribute to the database – custom species and planets you’ve encountered on your sim, your sim’s details, other materials we might be missing. And we want you to submit news articles, even non-OF articles. New trailer for Discovery? Something crazy going on in the world of Trek fandom? Post them here.