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Attention All:

As announced on Discord earlier, RADM Hurin has decided to step down as TFCO of Task Force 72.

After much thought and soul searching, I have decided to resign as TFCO of 72. I am unable to meet the needed demands to manage the task force effectively and after over 4 years of service, it’s time to let a new set of eyes and someone with fresh idea to take the helm and lead the Peacekeepers into the future.

On behalf of myself, Admiral Sharr and the Fleet we’d like to thank RADM Hurin for his valuable insights over the years and his contribution to the fleet. He’ll be sorely missed in the Council chambers.

So the next question – who’s going to run TF72?

After a lengthy discussion between RADM Hurin and MGEN MacTaryn, and then further discussions with the Joint Fleet Command it’s been agreed that MGEN MacTaryn will transfer to Task Force 72. In his absence Commodore Lancaster, currently serving as Task Force 47’s XO, will step up to run Task Force 47.

I appreciate this may seem like a bit of a strange move to make but it’s one that has been very thoroughly discussed between all parties and one we all believe is currently the best option.

Should you have any queries please direct them to Admiral Sharr or myself and we’ll answer them as best we can.

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Admiral DuLac

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