Obsidian Fleet Department of Innovation and Development Monthly Report September 2017

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The fleet-wide review of technologies continues, and it’s expected to take a bit longer as well. Let’s face it, OF uses a LOT of technology, from the ships and starbases we call home, to the handheld devices and weapons used by away teams and even the quantum poly-phasic tetryon toaster oven in the Captain’s Mess.

Ensuring that all that technology adheres to a consistent standard, and makes sense for the current timeline the fleet works within is a lot of work. The Captain needs the best quality toast possible.

We have a single submission this month – actually a ship that is looking to enter the fleet, so I’m looking forward to reviewing the specs and making sure they are in line with our standards.

As a result of all this, October will be much like September, only with different spelling, and a lot of candy around the I&D Offices.


  • The USS Hammerhead – specs under review

Goals for October:

  • Continue and if possible complete the fleet-wide technology review.
  • Review and rework the specifications for the Elysium class.

Rear Admiral Samuel “Bish” Bishop


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