Task Force 72 – September Report

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It’s been an interesting month for sure this month. This month began with the resignation of Rear Admiral Hurin, TFCO of TF-72. He’s been a anchor of this Task Force for the last few years and a resource for me as a fellow TFCO. As RADM Hurin has retired to life as a Commanding Officer, I have been assigned to TF72 and I’m looking forward to great things in the future for us.

There’s continued changes on the horizon, but first a brief recap of the CO’s we’ve lost/gained during this month (two months really since the August reporting wasn’t completed due to the TFCO transitions).

  • Starbase Protector
    • Commodore Jacincto Eriksen – Resigned
    • Commander Njessa Ajzure – New CO
  • USS Ceres – CO removed from command, could not contact.
  • USS Draconis – CO removed from command, could not contact.
  • DS5 – CO resigned. She’ll be sorely missed as one of the longest running Simms in OF.
  • USS Yorktown – CO resigned
  • USS Asgard – CO resigned.

We’re always looking for qualified, steady heads at the CoNN so if you’re interested in the center chair we have plenty of simms to choose from in TF-72. From the TME-Universe to the main fleet. If you’re interested in running a simm, 72 is the place to be!

Task Force Ops

September saw some of our senior leadership move on, and so we’re in the process of adjusting course in 72 to bring up new leaders in the Task Force as well as grow the CO’s we already have who might be interested in moving upwards as well. That said, as of current, I have not assigned a Task Force XO but will look to do that in the coming months. With the departure’s this month as well, we’ve been left with a TGCO opening and I’m happy to announce that Captain Gregory Farragut of the USS Endeavor is taking on that role leading the charge for the White Tigers going forward! Welcome Captain Farragut!!

If there’s anything we’re not doing for you, the CO’s and players, or anything you’d like to see done better please let us know. Our door’s are open, be that myself, Captain Alenis, Harrington, Watson or Vela. TF72 is here for you!


So awards are done a little differently now, per a change in the Fleet Rules. Each Task Force will now be presenting their own silver  and gold medal winners, the bronze award has been dc’d. Please keep in mind that we want the Unit of Merit awards to be a well-earned merit for the simm/players who receive it. That said, there may be periods in which no award is given. I would much rather reward a simm that is truly performing magnificently than to let this award become a simple ‘participation’ trophy. That said, here are this month’s winners.

  • Gold: 
    • “For this month I’d like to nominate the Elysium.  This simm and Commander Lalor has had solid growth, excellent post counts, and has started to implement several new OOC programs to her game.  I have been very pleased to watch the Commander grow and develop into her role and I am confident that she will continue to excel and grow within our fleet.” ~Captain Neil Harrington, TGCO TF72-B
  • Silver: 
    •  “USS Endeavour: The Endeavour continues to show themselves to be a great quality simm. I’m continually impressed by their level of activity and the depth of their stories. They had a good month in August, putting out solid posting numbers. They also have an active discord channel and overall, the CO has done a great job at building a community and setting an example with his writing.”~Captain Alenis Meru, TGCo TF72-A

Looking forward to a great October, and for what the new IFS-2 and other changes have in store for us. Questions, concerns, comments, well wishes and donations are welcome anytime, my door’s open for you.