Task Force 47 September Report

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New Day, New Month, New Start. That’s essentially what this report is going to entail. Now, I’d like to start with the elephant in the room.

This past month, we lost one of our best CO’s. He’s gone but not forgotten. Moved onto a better place.

I refer, of course, to Major General MacTaryn, who this month left us in order to go and work his magic over in Task Force 72. He is going to be sorely missed, but has promised to stick around. I know I’m thankful for this, means I’m less likely to go bull in a china shop and break the Task Force!

(For the record, that was a joke. I make jokes in reports. You will get used to this. I hope)

To paraphrase a certain former First Officer in a certain Trek spin off, I can never replace General MacTaryn, nor would I ever try.

Now, let’s get down to business. This month for us has been about change. It’s been about rolling with the punches. I feel we’ve done this well, and we have a couple of exciting ideas coming forward which I will divulge in more detail when they are fleshed out. Suffice to say, I am extremely excited about what we’re planning and you all will be when it goes live.

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Captain Malcom Llwyedd to the role of Task Group CO for 47-A. He’s a great CO and I know he’s going to be doing a great job. Congratulations on the role Cap, I know you’ll do us proud!

Now, for the bit you actually want to read; the awards. This month, there is only one nomination, giving them the gold by default.

Congratulations to the crew of the Cross This month, they have been nominated for the gold UoM Their nomination is as follows;

“I would have to put up the Cross again. They seem to have good momentum. Keeping the story moving while seemly intriguing me reading their posts one after another. I look forward to the next mission.”

Well done!

Now, for the bit you want to read less; the vacancies. Currently, we have some very exciting opportunities within the Task Force, and I will be going through and listing the open positions of CO, XO, Chief Flight Controller, Chief Engineer, Chief of Security and Chief Medical Officer in order within each report.

Commanding Officer

  • USS Constitution
  • USS Intrepid
  • USS Kingdom
  • USS Juno
  • USS Arctic
  • USS Hercules
  • USS Armageddon
  • USS Merlin
  • USS Resolute

Executive Officer

  • USS Tranquility

Chief Flight Control Officer

  • USS Wolff
  • USS Apollo
  • USS Tranquility
  • USS Livingstone

Chief Engineering Officer

  • USS Valkyrie
  • USS Apollo
  • USS Arcadia

Chief Security / Tactical Officer

  • No Openings At This Time

Chief Medical Officer

  • USS Wolff
  • USS Fearless

And on that note, I shall sign off. Any comments or constructive criticism more than welcome!