September 2017 Unit of Merit Winners

The results are in, folks, and we have three Unit of Merit award winners from our most recent TF47 and TF72 reports. I’ve asked each of the winners to share a bit about the award and their sim, so read below and help me congratulate these fine sims!

“The crew of the USS Cross was incredibly excited to learn that they have won the Gold Unit of Merit for the month of September. Since we started just over three months ago, we’ve hit the ground running with an inventive plot arc that will carry us over several missions. This is the hardest working, insanely creative group of writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with in a long time. A simple idea, a single sentence in a post spurs pages of well considered and well written posts. In addition to the in-character portion of the game, we have our own Discord channel where we interact almost daily. We’ve become good friends out-of-character through our group chats. I think that distinction, that we are friends outside the game, more than anything else, sets the USS Cross apart from other SIMs. The Gold Unit of Merit really does belong to this crew, these writers, and most importantly this crazy group of friends!”

USS Cross, Task Force 47
Commander Hart, Commanding Officer (@hart)

“The crew of the USS Elysium deserve the credit for this award, they have worked hard, welcomed new players to our family and made them feel welcome without pause. I am so proud of my hard working writers, and my command crew make it easy to be the CO of such wonderful and crazy characters. Being a Gold Unit Recipient twice in 6 months, shows my crew’s dedication and drive to make Elysium one of the premier ships in the Obsidian Fleet Community.”

USS Elysium, Task Force 72
Commander Phoenix Lalor, Commanding Officer (@phoenix-lalor)

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for the players of the Endeavour. The credit goes to every member of the simulation old and new alike. We’ve gone through a great number of changes with the departure of long-time players and the arrival of new writers. We’ve been at this story since I began on the Endeavour, and the crew have worked hard to build out the narrative and develop their characters. Soon we’ll begin our new story, and I look forward to seeing what the players create. We want to thank the Task Force for its support and this recognition.”

USS Endeavour, Task Force 72
Captain Gregory Farragut, Commanding Officer (@deletham)

Award Cards

As you can see above, I am test-driving a new style for the award cards. We will see how this goes and how well it aligns with new images and banners down the line. But it better matches our new theme. Thus, here are the three cards available in a folder as we always provide.

The new cards are in place above and the direct URLs to those are below: