Disaster Averted on Deep Space 12

Written Bydulac
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Deep Space 12, Starfleet’s newest station near the Breen border, has survived a suspected attack thanks to the intervention of the USS Valkyrie.


The STC Galloway, a civilian freighter and the headquarters of the Sorensen Reading Corporation, found itself unable to drop out of warp, or alter their intercept course for the station. The Valkyrie was the only ship in range able to render assistance. After catching up to the Galloway, the science department were able to affect a tricky transwarp transport in order to get a  away team aboard.


When they arrived, an engineering team hatched an audacious plan to transplant some of the Valkyrie’s warp coolant into the Galloway’s every engine in order to force a shutdown. Meanwhile, a security detachment began to investigate the cause and culprit.


Unfortunately, the coolant plan was disrupted by the saboteur, revealed to be the ship’s engineer, who had been paid off by a mysterious third party to cause the destruction of Deep Space 12. In a rare stroke of luck, one of the Valkyrie’s young engineers managed to thwart the sabotage while the new security chief, Lieutenant Rai, chased down the culprit, literally through flames.


The Valkyrie has returned to Deep Space 12 to take on a couple of new additions to the crew, and prepare for their next mission, first contact with a planet that has the potential to alter the balance of power in the alpha quadrant.