October 2017 Unit of Merit Award Winners

There are four great Unit of Merit award winners from our most recent TF47 and TF72 reports. Let’s give them all a big pat on the back for doing so well!


“I and the crew are beyond words in receiving this award. While I may be the CO of the sim, I can not take the credit for the success for this sim as that rests upon the shoulders of the family of writers that we have. While things are not always perfect, and we have our spats and disagreements, the dedication and quality of writing that comes from the players is, and always has been, nothing short of astounding to me. My Command Team has been together for over six years, and many of the players have been on for 5 to four years. We are known for longevity here on the sim, and that has formed some strong and lasting friendships. We try to incorporate something for everyone, in all departments and the crew just runs with it. The benefits of running an organic style of simming is that it allows for the players to really explore their characters and gives them a freedom to just let the characters act natural and let them grow and deal with real issues of actions/reaction. The con to it is keeping it all intact and making sure the story doesn’t lose focus of the goal. Again, I thank you all for this, the players of SB-80 thank you, and this award belongs to every member of the crew, as they all contribute and make the sim the success that it is.

Captain K’Tox, SB-80”

Starbase 80, Task Force 47
Captain K’Tox, Commanding Officer

“The crew of the USS Pioneer was over the moon to learn that they have won the Silver Unit of Merit for the month of October. Since we started just over one month ago, we’ve hit the ground running with backstory posts and constantly building the website. To achieve this award in such a short period of time shows exactly how hard working this crew is. This is a hard working, really creative group of writers I have the pleasure of working with. A simple what if from our Chief Engineer has sparked a series of posts involving the appeal of 20th century technology in the 24th century. In addition to the in-character portion of the game, we have our own Discord channel where we interact daily. We’ve become good friends out-of-character through our group chats. I believe that the friendships that are building out of character is reflecting in the writing that we do. Furthermore that is what is making the USS Pioneer one of the top up and coming sims. The Silver Unit of Merit really does belong to the crew, these writers because without them none of this would have been possible. We are more than a crew we are Pioneers, we are friends.”

USS Pioneer, Task Force 47
Lieutenant Commander Tyler Malbrooke, Commanding Officer

“The Crew of Rosie (as we fondly call her) were excited to learn of winning the Gold Unit of Merit for the month of October. We couldn’t actually believe it because we are so used to as a civilian sim being left to our own devices to tell our stories. Recent changes across the fleet have gone a long way into including us a lot more instead of us just being a tiny simm on edge and it shows in the new members that have come our way to expand on our family and allow us to tell bigger and badder stories outside the usual commbadge of Starfleet. The crew is dedicated to telling quality stories that are quirky and different and it has been nice to be recognised for that so thank you very much.”

SS Mary Rose, Task Force 72
Rueben Gregnol, Commanding Officer

Starbase 249, Task Force 72
Captain Marcab Revati Strongfellow, Commanding Officer

Award Cards

We have a new standard UoM award card and thus those were used this month. I have also updated September’s cards to the new style and gotten rid of that temporary style. The links to this months cards are below to copy and paste.