Promotions, Tranfers and… Other Stuff

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Hey hey hey!

So, it’s your friendly neighbourhood TF47 TFCO here, and I have a couple of announcements to make.

First of all, I’m extremely happy and proud to announce that Task Force 47 now has a Task Force XO! After some discussions, secret meetings, and a candlelit, robed swearing in ceremony involving Romulan Ale, Klingon Blood Wine and much, much Scotch Whisky, I am pleased to announce that Commodore Alenis Meru shall be joining us as the TFXO for 47.

Commodore Meru comes from 72-A (Much like myself… Actually, the Commodore was one of my Mentos… Sorry, my aide tells me it’s Mentors, Mentos is a breath mint) and has been a TGCO for more than two years. They bring a wealth of experience to this role, and I look forward to working with them during this very exciting time!

So, let’s go through the title. Promotion. Check. Transfer. Check. Other stuff…

Ooh, I have it! As of right now, I am announcing an initiative that will be worked on in the Task Force and I hope to have implemented as of the New Year.

The Task Force 47 Support Bureau (Originally named the Task Force 47 Help and Advice Bureau… I decided it sounded too long) is a new and exciting initiative. It shall function to support the CO’s and crew of the Task Force. The bureau shall consist of multiple departments, the first of which I will be discussing today.

The Web Development department is the brainchild of Captain Santiago Vela, and will consist of a team headed up by the Captain, essentially serving to give help and advice to CO’s new and old in regards to their web development. It’s a service which does already exist within the fleet. However, this is a focused group which will begin life simply as a help team for the Task Force. If this does well, well, as you all know, the Admiralty talk. Usually about Scotch Whisky.

Anyway, that is all for today. I hope you’ve all had a brilliant week, and will join me in congratulating Commodore Meru once again!