Starfeet Expands Presence in the Trivas System

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Recently the USS Pioneer an Intrepid Class exploratory vessel has joined the USS Fearless and the USS Firebird here at Empok Nor in the Trivas System. Although the Pioneer is classified by Starfleet for exploration she is heavily armed, what could her presence here mean? We sat down with Captain Santiago Vela the Task Group Commander of 47C and Captain of the USS Fearless, as well as Lieutenant Commander Tyler Malbrooke the Commanding Officer of the USS Pioneer in an effort to find out.

“Captain, first thank you for taking the time to speak with us. I among others would like to know why the Pioneer is being sent out this far surely the Firebird and the Fearless is enough. There are those that believe that the Pioneer’s arrival represents a takeover of Cardassian space by Starfleet What are your thoughts?”

“Well the Federation has promised to provide a safe place for the new Cardassian Union to grow with out there own military. We are here to that end. The Cardassian Sector is a huge part of the Alpha Quadrant. If anything I would say 3 Starfleet vessels aren’t enough. In fact my recommendation to the fleet is at least a full task group of ships to start with. The Cardassian Defense Force is good at what they do. But with the Breen and other hostile neighbors they need a deterrent force present.” Captain Vela stated.

“But what of the accusations of an invasion force, that Starfleet and the Federation are seeking to annex Cardassian space.”

“Look, three Starfleet Vessels aren’t an invasion force in any Sector of space. The CDF has at least 80 vessels at their disposal and the Fearless has a lot more bite then the Pioneer. Each ships specific mission is classified but I will say look too the mission specs before speculated or spreading rumors of invasion. The Firebird is an Ambulance ship best suited to help during crisis. The Pioneer is and explorer, and the Fearless is an escort. Hardly the makings of an invasion or annexation.” Vela went on to say.

Next we sat down with Lieutenant Commander Tyler Malbrooke in command of the Pioneer.

“Commander, what exactly is your mission here.”

“Well, we are here to explore areas of space that up until now were blocked from Federation exploration. The Detapa Council has granted us their blessings to explore their space. This act alone will augment Starfleet’s database ten fold.” Malbrooke said.

“Then why the armaments, the Pioneer is armed to the teeth.”

“We are nowhere near as heavily armed as the Fearless. However, our arms are there to assist the Cardassian Defense Fleet whenever they may request and nothing more. Right now we are acquiring our crew and once they are all reported in we will depart the station and head to the Badlands to start our exploration. Now, before you say it I know the last Starfleet vessel that went to the Badlands disappeared for seven years. However, that is just it we are going to find out exactly what it is about the Badlands that allows for such things to happen. Since we are heading into the unknown does it not make sense to bring some prudent defensive systems with us. So in short while we are exploring we are at the disposal of the CDF.”

So you tell me readers is Starfleet invading Cardassian space or simply here for protection. I for one believe the latter. However, I will be here to continue to report on the situation.

For now I am Bart Gold for the Federation News Service reporting from Empok Nor in the Trivas System.