Fastest Ship in the Quadrant

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Deep in the Delta Quadrant…

The USS Vesta, sits in it’s glimmering beauty, a sleek, aerodynamic vessel, and the pride of Starfleet. Not only is she the first of her class, a modern Ship-of-the-Line, but she is the first to possess the Quantum Slipstream Drive. So not only is she easy to look at, she is fast too, which makes her the optimum representative for the Antarian Trans-Stellar Relay. Like the historical crew of the USS Voyager did 16 years ago, the Vesta will act as the Federations representative in the race, as well as the starting point for all involve, and the location for the pre-race Gala. FNN took the time to meet with some of the guests and talk to many of the racers present. Most notable was the Republic of the First Worlds Representative,  L’Jasu, a I’Gini, part of the Ziapteryx race. Towering two meters tall, I was reminded of an owl during our discussion. We discussed at length the race strategy for the Republic, their history in the race, this being their third year running, and their history in general. You can find that interview on our data archives.

The Vesta herself is alive in preparations for the race. Kainan pilot, Ensign Rufus Marocain, and his assistant, Ensign Soraya Xel were far too busy preparing for the race to talk, something I know our viewers will be sad to hear, but I got a tour of their modified Delta Flyer-class runabout. The controls are crafted to fit the hands of the Kainan, allowing our skilled pilot to handle the craft expertly. The craft, named the Pluto is expected to be a serious contender. I am reminded of the Peregrine Class Fighter, in the way the craft is laid out, commanding and imposing. We expect great things from both of you!

Last, I took a tour of the Vesta herself, talking time to note the time and care that went into the ship’s design and crafting. Every bulkhead looks like it belongs, every doors fitted better than any ship I have seen before. While the more sensitive areas of the ship I was forbidden to enter, citing security concerns (our boys and girls in Gold take their work seriously, under the command of Lieutenant Darrow), I did take a tour of the more luxurious civilian features. The Arboretum was filled with beautiful, in bloom, Cherry Blossoms, I am told at the request of her Captain. The learning centre was equally well laid out, allowing for not only the children already aboard the Vesta to learn, but for new cultures and species to easily adapt to life here as well. The Diplomatic facility was where I spent the most time, as it was our temporary home for the trip, but it was delightful. Open, welcoming, and overlooking the Arboretum below. Many a future Federation contract will be signed here, and maybe many more races from the Delta Quadrant will agree to join our great Federation in this very room. It was breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

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-Andrew MacCullen