Obsidian Fleet Department of Innovation and Development Monthly Report October 2017

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My apologies for the tardiness of this report. Real Life has been… a challenge.

I’m happy to report that have made progress in the fleet-wide technology review. As of now there is a list of ship and base classes before the Fleet Council that will be either retired from active service. More on this very soon.

We are also reviewing our current stable of auxiliary craft and determining the optimal types and roles for those.

There have been no submissions this month save a query on the deck listing of the Regula class station which was addressed.

As we move into the latter part of the year, our thoughts will turn to the holidays and what to get the Nausicaan who has everything. (Answer: whatever the hell he wants.) I suspect that the department will remain relatively quiet until the new year.


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Goals for November:

  • Continue and if possible complete the fleet-wide technology review.
  • Complete the re-spec of the Elysium class.

Rear Admiral Samuel “Bish” Bishop


Innovation and Development

Obsidian Fleet

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