Fleet Services October 2017 Report

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So what all can I do on the new site?

Glad you asked, and Fleet Services has some answers! We’ve come a long way since July and we have things like the Character Hub mentioned last month, CO reports and news submissions (see below), and then spaces like the Forums. Let me highlight a few hot threads and forums.

  • Did you know you can contribute to the Database? Yes, so go do it! We want your custom races and planets, and details on your sim as well.
  • Free Recruitment in the Forums!
  • New Graphics forum area for requests and offers
  • Play some forum games like Numbers or Word Association in the Promenade
  • Check on general goings-on with the Activity Stream

News For and From Everyone

Ok, I mentioned this last report, but we want your news. COs and players alike, submit news about great joint posts, mission craziness, or general informative news items about your sim. We want to hear from you. Not everything will make the headlines/front page or be on Twitter/Facebook, but it’s a great way to show visitors and the community how active your sim is and get more folks interested.

[yp_button href=”https://www.obsidianfleet.net/submit-news/” size=”md” full_width=”false” icon_before=”fa fa-newspaper-o”]Submit News[/yp_button]

Note: This form was temporarily broken, but now submits. The Featured Image may not set right, so we will set it to your sim banner or your TF logo. If you want to change it, just let us know.

Engagement and Services

Here are some stat items from October. We had 17 new forum topics and 98 replies, as well as 14 award nominations. We also ended up with 13 News articles from October, and a total of 80 new characters entered last month (out of a total of 112). 30 Sim Reports were submitted during the month October (which would mostly reflect September reporting).

We only pushed 5 social media campaigns. However, we did a paid test run for our Facebook page which drew a LOT of contact. The paid campaign drew 999 reaches and 33 clicks on Facebook (over 7 days for just under $14), and our overall reach and page views seem to be steady. On Twitter we saw 1152 impressions and 151 profile visits on Twitter.