What were they Thinking?

Written Bydulac
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Since their return from the Andromeda Galaxy not, 8 months ago, the USS Elysium seems to have had its fair share of issues. They had a confrontation of sorts over Risa, which has caused more questions than answers around their mysterious disappearance and sudden reappearance. Our reporters have been working hard to uncover the secrets of the USS Elysium and her command crew. This a clear problem, obviously stemming from the inexperience of the commanding officer, left in charge by Admiral Sharr himself!

They have been sent far from the Sol System as you could get. What are the brass trying to hide here? Sending such a vessel to the Gamma quadrant? Is it because the Elysium is now a liability? Is her crew considered traitors or just inexperienced.

One would think that such a vessel would be suited ‘fly the flag’ missions but have instead stumbled into the Gamma quadrant where it had to be towed to a Federation base for repairs. Maybe it isn’t the crew but the commanding officer? Is the Federation giving this young commanding officer, rope with which to hang herself?

Now it has been told to us that the Elysium has been given a search and rescue mission, one, it is said with little chance of success. And,with their current mission now 6 days in, they have not been heard from. And if they fail at this, what will happen? Will they finally remove the CO from her precarious perch on the centre chair of the ships Flag Elysium Class vessel? Will they promote her more than qualified Executive officer Commander Gary Taylor to the role, and place the obviously inexperienced Commander back in her former department or on another less stressful assignment, maybe one where this supposed former royal from a distant backwater could paint her nails and sunbathe?

Sources from Starfleet command, clearly remember the doubts and concerns raised when Commander Phoenix Lalor, then aged 25, she recently turned 26, was allowed to continue in the Centre chair with a mere 3 weeks executive officer experience. These concerns seem valid if she cannot keep a ship in contact with the nearest Federation base and rescue a small runabout. And add to that the damage to the USS Elysium and the covered up conflict over Risa, makes us wonder just what Starfleet is hiding, and what horrible secrets the Elysium and her crew are hiding. And Just what the Admiral who left the woman in charge was thinking!

We here at the Federation news service emplores Starfleet command to recall the Elysium and fix these issues and problems and show them into the light. Before we loose one of the fleets best ships to inexperience and gullibility.