Task Force 47 Report November 2017

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Another month, another week, another day, another bar of gold pressed latinum. This month is my third in command of the Task Force of hopefully very many more. It’s been a fun few months and I don’t intend for the fun to stop anytime soon!

Now, this month’s report will consist of four sections:

3.Need to Know
5.Open Positions List

So, this is the introduction. It’s introductory and introduces things. I think I can’t really explain that anymore without this particular pun becoming a farce. So I won’t.

Now that the introduction is done, I’ll move swiftly on.


Number of Ships: 23
Number of Ships with CO’s: 17
Number of Active Ships: 16
Number of Open Commands: 6

Number of CO’s who did not submit reports: 2. 1 exception made due to circumstances.

Need to know

It’s been a good month for us, and, in my opinion, there’s not a whole lot more we could have done. Well done to Captain Santiago Vela who has managed to fill up his Task Group once again. That’s now one less Task Group for me to panic about.

(That’s a joke, by the way. I don’t panic. Unless… Nope. Not revealing what causes that publicly.)

Anyway, as I was saying, it also gives me great pride and pleasure to announce the promotion of Commander Charles Kincaid, Commanding Officer of the USS Valkyrie, to the rank of Captain! He’s served extremely well over the last year since he took command, and this is a promotion well deserved! Well done, Captain!

Now, let’s talk about the bit everyone is wanting to hear. The awards. This month there are no awards being distributed. HOWEVER, I would like to give a shout out to each and every one of the CO’s serving under me. You’re all kicking butt at this very difficult time of year so well done to you all! Let’s not get complacent, especially in the winter freeze.

Finally, what we’ve been doing. We’ve been working, behind the scenes. We’ve got a new TFXO, and this is a player I have a lot of respect for. I was their SSCO so know they’re that good. After all, they trained ME. Think Nightwing getting Batman. Something along those lines.

We’ve kept things ticking along, and I’d like to think things are improving slowly but surely.

And, of course, we always want to hear from you guys, the players. How can we make things better for YOU!

Anyway, now I need to conclude this out in style.


This is a conclusion. It concludes things.

Yeah, that joke only works once, doesn’t it?

In conclusion, it’s been a steady month. There’ve been stumbles, trips, falls. I’m not too big to admit I’ve stumbled once or twice, but I’m learning the job. I promise, I’ll get better in time. The Task Force is running smoothly and everything looks good as we prepare to go into the new year.

So, until next time, here’s some open positions.

Open Positions

Commanding Officer

USS Constitution (Constitution AU Class)
USS Intrepid (Constitution AU Class)
USS Juno (Vesta Class)
USS Hercules (Prometheus Class)
USS Calypso (Steamrunner Class)
USS Cheron (New Orleans Class)

Executive Officer

USS Tranquility (Majestic Class)

Chief Flight Control Officer

USS Wolff (Luna Class)
USS Apollo (Intrepid Class)
USS Livingstone (Nebula Class)
USS Tranquility (Majestic Class)
USS Polaris (Galaxy Class)
USS Archimedes (Nova Class)

Chief Security and Tactical Officer

USS Valkyrie (Centaur Class)

Chief of Operations

USS Wolff (Luna Class)
USS Arcadia (Elysium Class)
USS Archimedes (Nova Class)
USS Guinevere (Excalibur Class)

Chief Engineer

USS Arcadia (Elysium Class)
USS Valkyrie (Centaur Class)
USS Apollo (Intrepid Class)
USS Polaris (Galaxy Class)

Chief Medical Officer

USS Wolff (Luna Class)
USS Sarek (Sovereign Class)
USS Polaris (Galaxy Class)
USS Archimedes (Nova Class)
USS Guinevere (Excalibur Class)