Task Force 72 – February 2018 Report

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February came and went in a flash, but it left us plenty of news and events to cover. We have sims in training, a few reboots, and awards season.

Changes and Additions

This month saw no new simulations added or older simulations brought to a close. We have two simulations undergoing reboots and another undergoing a change of command. First, we have the USS Nogura, under Harrington’s care, going through a soft-relaunch. This goes hand-in-hand with the simulation’s new Sovereign-class starship. Langley Station is pivoting to focus on the station elements of its story. I expect great things from both of these simulations, and I’m sure they would appreciate players interested in trying something new.

The USS Nightingale, our specialty medical ship simulation, is seeing a change of command. The ship’s Executive Officer will be taking the center chair. We wish him and the simulation all the best. Learning to run a simulation is challenging, and I encourage everyone in 72 to lend support to the new CO and its crew whenever possible.

Task Force Status

We have two simulations entering their second month of operation: USS Cassiopeia and USS Orion. These COs are undergoing Command Academy and should be finished soon. I know both would greatly appreciate players interested in joining their simulation to reach out or lend support as they develop their simulations and websites.

I’m pleased to see TF 72 Discord activity remains strong. You all maintain a fun, open atmosphere on the chat boards, and I am glad it’s become the nexus of communication for simulation leaders and players alike. I hope we can continue to capitalize on Discord’s popularity by maintaining this friendly atmosphere. I would encourage everyone here to make use of the social media integration with Discord and the Obsidian Fleet website. News items posted on the OF site will automatically publish to Discord. While this is not intended as a new means of hard advertising, I would encourage you all to think of it as a way to share your simulation’s notable posts, interesting story elements, or feature characters. This is a great way to get your simulation noticed and share your adventures with the rest of the fleet.

TF 72 has several open simulations for anyone interested in taking the center chair. I’m pleased to say we have a fantastic group of TGCOs here in 72 that serve as excellent role models for aspiring COs. If you’re interested in taking the center chair, please reach out to anyone in TF 72 leadership or our excellent group of COs if you have questions about the process or what its like to write in the TF. We look forward to you joining our ranks!

TF Command Openings:

  • USS Temperance NX-Era Simulation
  • USS Columbia TME-Era Simulation

TF 72A Command Openings:

  • USS Shanghai Akira Class
  • Federation Starship TBD (inquire with TF Leadership for possibilities)

TF 72B Command Openings:

  • Starbase 50
  • USS Stalwart Defiant Class
  • USS Mercury Intrepid Class

TF 72C Command Openings:

  • USS Mariner Intrepid Class


This month we do not have any awards for simulations, but I am pleased to reiterate the congratulations to some EoY award nominees and winners.

First, congratulations to Commander Gary Taylor, USS Elysium, for Executive Officer of the Year. The Elysium is one of 72’s most awarded simulations, and I’m happy to see its leadership recognized for their strong commitment. Second, congratulations to the Elysium’s CO, Phoenix Lalor, for Commanding Officer of the year nomination. This is a strong testament to the simulation and its players to have both the CO and XO highlighted.


Ultimately, I’m pleased with the Task Force’s progress, and I’m privileged for the opportunity to “steer the ship” as acting Task Force Commanding Officer. This month we did a soft launch of an open positions survey through Google Forms, I’m pleased with the responses we’ve received, and we will be publishing it directly to all CO’s for March. Consider this an inventory of open positions you’d like to see filled each month. More details on the form will follow.