Arbitration Office of Mediation – February 2018

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Ah yes, another month has passed us by and we’re marching on! Get it.. Marching.. March.. Anyway.

  • There were no new cases brought before the Office in February.
  • The on-going rules refurbishment, dubbed Operation Ma’at, has been moving along forward with various interesting proposals between the members of the committee.
  • The Community Engagement Team has some interesting ideas that will be pushed forward in the coming months – the idea is to bring the community of Obsidian Fleet together for fun and fellowship. If you have any idea for things that we, as a community, can do feel free to contact a Community Engagement Champion!

Also, on a related note, the Office will be submitting a proposal for the next COAL to include a stipulation that all potential CO’s must understand any Doctor Who references hitherto.