Wanted: Academy Director (apply now!)

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Vacancy Overview

The purpose of this role is to lead and develop the Obsidian Fleet Academy to become an essential part of operations within the Fleet.  The Academy is responsible for the training of personnel within the Fleet, including Commanding Officers, in various courses and responsibilities.

The Director will be the person who oversees the development of the Academy to become a useful tool for everyone in the Fleet, from players wishing to learn more about crucial skill development for future Fleet leaders.

Academy will work closely with all departments, especially with Fleet Operations to develop course materials and updates on an ad-hoc basis, ensure current courses are updated and maintained to a high standard while ensuring the basics are covered.


Principal Accountabilities

This role reports directly to the Joint Fleet Command is forms part of the Fleet Council as a senior role and will follow a newly developed structure for the Academy.

  • Author and develop all training materials and deployment within IFS.
  • Provide input to the definition of all training standards within Obsidian Fleet.
  • Support the development of “train the trainer” courses for tutors.
  • Determine the effectiveness of training solutions at matching identified competency gaps.
  • Participate in quality activities related to training, including self-assessments, benchmarking and audits.
  • Promote and develop a positive and constructive environment within the Academy and the Fleet as a whole.
  • Excellent Interpersonal and team skills.
  • Have a visible and active presence on the official Fleet Discord channel.
  • Provide public monthly reports with updates from within the Academy.


Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications, Experience

Applicants must be confident and passionate about training and have excellent communication skills. The Academy Director must be skilled and widely experienced in all aspects of the Fleet.

The post holder will be characterised by the following knowledge, qualifications and experience:

  • Excellent organisational, communication and influencing skills.
  • Strong mentoring and development skills
  • Knowledge of modern learning methods and media and the advantages they can bring
  • Strong IT skills
  • Experience within WordPress and associated systems
  • Adaptable to the changing needs of the Fleet


Applicants will be required to fill in the specified application form before 14 April 2018 and may be required to discuss their application with a member of the Joint Fleet Command.