Wanted: Director of Lore & Technology

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Obsidian Fleet is looking for a new Directory of Lore & Technology!

  • Do you want to be a spaceman?
  • Do you know your starships?
  • Can you help build a universe that sparks the imagination?

If so, we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for a creative mind who’s got a keen eye for making things fit together. Working with various project groups such as Tech & Lore, and with the Fleet Council, you’ll help shape the future storylines of Obsidian Fleet and the technologies that allow players to truly immerse themselves in the fantasy universe of Star Trek. You’ll be responsible for the maintenance of the Fleet Tech areas of the Database and the production of the L&T monthly report.

As the Director of Lore & Technology you’ll be overseeing the creative heart of Obsidian Fleet. We’re looking for someone who can rise to the challenge in these two areas.


  • Can create believable, balanced environments and tools for players to use in their simulations
  • Can analyse results to produce own findings
  • Capable of independent research
  • Can judge the need for the level of detail necessary in some situations
  • Is methodical and can provide explanations and rationale behind design decisions


  • Is well-versed in Trek Lore
  • Can engage with stakeholders across the fleet to produce quality Database content
  • Capable of independent research
  • Has experience of handling large, complex, sometimes competing storylines


  • Can Communicate clearly and effectively to convey ideas and suggestions
  • Can write confidently for a range of audiences, both internal and external to the Fleet.
  • Has an understanding of Fleet rules and policies and shows commitment to following them

If this sounds like you, complete the Director of Lore and Technology Application Form

Closing date is April 16th, if you have any questions, contact the Joint Fleet Command