Office of Mediation and Arbitration – March 2018

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Greetings and Salutations!

Another fine month has gone by, and it’s been a chilly one throughout most everywhere. It seems that Mother Nature is having a giggle with us, and making it colder and colder each winter and making spring incredibly short. Oh well, what better to do on a chilly day than take care of sim postings, amiright?

Moving quite along, the OMA has had another caseless month, which in essence, is a good thing. While it cannot be said that everyone is happy and enjoying lemonade by the poolside, it appears that a status quo has been maintained. A general reminder that if any issues or disagreements arise, stick with basics first; attempt to handle it one-on-one first, and if that should fail take it on up the line. OMA is, essentially, the last line but that does not mean you cannot come here first to get the ball rolling. The Office is more than happy to assist in any way possible.

Project Ma`at, as it’s called, is moving along nicely. The team has been working to rewrite, reword and revise the current rulesets of the Fleet, and will hopefully have a full finished project in the very near future. I want to thank everyone involved thus far for their time and efforts.