Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – March 2018

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Joint Fleet Command report for March! In this edition …
– Fleet Staff News!
– IFS2 Updates!
– Wanted: Community Engagement Peeps!
– Obsidian Day: We need you!
– Project Updates!
Read on!

Fleet Staff News

We’re currently advertising for two staff posts – Director of Fleet Academy and Director of Lore and Technology. Both posts are stil open for a week or so as of writing this. If you’re interested in helping shape the future direction of the fleet give them a look!

IFS2 Updates

There’s not a lot to tell you this month, other fleet priorities have meant it’s taken a back seat. That said, if you’ve got experience of developing on the WordPress platform, read on …

Obsidian Fleet Community Engagement Team

One of the things we’ve identified during our review of Fleet Services (advert coming out soon) is the opportunity for other members to gets involved. We’ve got a nascent Community Engagement Team (of two people and Baggy) who’re helping with new fleet members, Facebook, etc. but we want more. In particular, we’re looking for people who’ve got experience in developing Nova and WordPress to work with Admiral du Lac and the Fleet Services Director to support CO’s during their site development and to work on developing the IFS2 platform. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, contact the Joint Fleet Command on Discord.

Obsidian Day

Sunday, July 29th will see the return of Obsidian Day! We’re starting to put together the plan and work out what new stuff we’re unveiling (some of it’s quite cool). As with last year, we’re looking for some volunteer-led sessions. Contact Admiral Sharr ([email protected]) by mail or by Discord if you want to host a session!

Project Updates



We’ve got a sizeable GDoc full of organisations in the Star Trek universe that we’re currently working through, trying to work out who the current Federation president is, etc. Admiral du Lac’s hoping to get the finishing touches done to the big-picture timeline this month so we can start adding detail.


Three new fighter designs were submitted to the Fleet Council for approval. We’ll reveal more on these next month.


Commodore Gravis is covering this in his report. It’s technical.


You might’ve been lucky enough to see a sneaky peek of the new CO Academy Lessons recently. Or you might not have. Admiral Sharr’s got draft 1 done, so hopefully we’ll be able to reveal something more on these in the very near future.

du Lac’s Song of the Month

It’s Wrestlemania Sunday today, so I thought I’d go searching on YouTube for something related.
I uncovered this beauty. Enjoy and see you next month!