Task Force 72 – March 2018 Report

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March was another quick month for the Task Force.  Our players brought their A-Game this month.  We have awards, promotions, new sims, and, as our colleagues at 47 provide, an open positions list for our simulations.  Overall, March was an excellent month for 72, and I look forward to seeing what April provides.

Changes and Additions

We have one new simulation this month – USS Mercutio.  The Mercutio joins us in 72B as a fully-developed simulation under the command of Captain Henry Crow.  They are a group of excellent and dedicated writers we are fortunate to have joining our ranks.  Everyone please welcome them to the Obsidian Fleet family and extend a helping hand as they adjust to our community.  You can find some of their players on Discord, so if you see them introduce yourselves and make the crew of the Mercutio feel welcome.

This month we saw no simulation closures or reboots.  Everyone is pressing forward with their adventures and doing the Task Force proud.

We have 3 (!) promotions for Commanding Officers this month.  Lamar David, Commanding Officer of the USS Yorktown, Kate Banninga, Station Commander of Langley Station, and Njessa Azjure, Station Commander of Starbase Protector, have all hit their six-months as simulation leaders.  Please congratulate all of them on their promotions to Captain!

Task Force Status

On the whole, Task Force 72 remains strong in posting, communication, and Discord participation.  You all maintain a fun, welcoming atmosphere on the Discord channels (an impressive feat on the Internet), and I’m privileged to be a part of this community.  We have two simulations nearing the end of their academy period, USS Cassiopeia and USS Orion.  In addition, we have several simulations that remain open.  72 is an excellent place to learn how to CO and run a simulation.  We have excellent role models for players to use as a resource and a diverse mix of simulations from which to draw inspiration.

Open Commands

TF Command Openings:

  • USS Temperance NX-Era Simulation
  • USS Columbia TME-Era Simulation

TF 72A Command Openings:

  • USS Shanghai Akira Class
  • USS Stalwart Defiant Class

TF 72B Command Openings:

  • Starbase 50 (Pending)
  • IKS Kor Bird of Prey

TF 72C Command Openings:

  • USS Mariner Intrepid Class

Open Positions

This month we published our open positions survey for Commanding Officers to submit their open positions to Task Force command.  We had near total participation, and I hope next month we can get responses from every simulation in the community.  For now these will be sorted by position rather than simulation.  If you have questions or feedback on the form (or didn’t receive it) please contact me or your TGCO.  A huge thanks to the CO of the SS Mary Rose, Reuben Gregnol, for putting this together and putting the word out.

  • Executive Officer
    • Langley Station
  • Chief Science Officer
    • USS Orion
    • USS Nogura
    • USS Yorktown
  • Chief Security / Tactical Officer
    • USS Rook
  • Chief Flight Control Officer
    • Starbase Protector
    • USS Rook
    • Langley Station
  • Chief Medical Officer
    • USS Endeavour
    • USS Nogura
  • Chief Engineer
    • USS Orion
    • Langley Station
  • Chief of Operations
    • Starbase Protector
    • USS Nogura
    • SS Mary Rose
  • Chief Counselor
    • USS Orion
    • Starbase Protector
    • USS Nogura
    • USS Elysium
  • Other Positions:
    • Civilian Director – SS Mary Rose
    • Marine CO – USS Rook


This was a tough month for awards.  We had three very strong recommendations from the Task Group Commanding Officers, and after a great deal of debate we decided to recognize all three simulations for their performance.

Gold Unit of Merit

USS Cassiopeia

“Commanders T’San and Agrax have put together a great simm and I am very impressed with the way they took off and got their game going.  They have great numbers for such a young game; but more impressive is the community that they have created outside the game as well.  Their players are social, engaging, and generally a blast to be around.  Great job to the Command and players of the Cassie.” ~Commodore Harrington

Silver Unit of Merit

USS Orion

“For this month’s UoM, I would like to nominate the Orion. Logan has really pulled together a great crew and their activity has been astounding. He has really taken advantage of his space and created smaller, self-contained story drivers in his sim. They are rolling along posting not only a high number of JPs, but they have maintained excellent quality. I can’t think of a sim more deserving of a UoM and a bit of the spotlight than the Orion. Oh, and this is all before graduating from Command Academy, leading to me creating an exception to my regular rule of not nominating sims that are yet to be unshackled.” ~ Captain Lamar David

USS Rook

“I would actually recommend the Rook. Their level of crew interaction, both on their Discord, and on their simm have been fantastic. I am excited to see them continue to grow with time, and to see them become a more active, more fleshed out community. I think Commander Stuart will continue to be an excellent member of this community, and we can expect great things.” ~ Captain Yoshi Minawara


To all three simulations: a job well done.  As new simulation leaders and groups you have a lot to figure out in your first few months of operation.  Three of you have done an outstanding job recruiting players, developing stories, and fostering supportive communities.  From all of us at Task Force command – excellent work.


All in all, March has been a fantastic month for the Task Force.  We saw excellent posting and great community involvement from players and COs.  I’m privileged to write with all of you in this community.  Keep up the good work!