TF 72 Supplemental Report – Staff Changes and Promotions

Written Bydulac
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Greetings!  I hope everyone is enjoying the month of April.  I have some exciting news to announce today for Task Force 72.  We have two new staff appointments for this month.  First, Commodore Harrington of the USS Nogura will be assuming the role of Task Force Executive Officer!  The Nogura will shift into the TF Command group in-line with the TFXO role.  Second, Skipper Rueben Gregnol of the SS Mary Rose will be taking over as TGCO of 72B.  We know this is an unconventional move, and we’ll be working on a in-character 72B CO given the Mary Rose’s civilian setting.  In the meantime, please congratulate these two on their new positions within the fleet.  For 72B members this means your monthly reports will be reviewed by Gregnol for May.  Please be patient as we all adjust to the change, but I have the utmost confidence in them and I know they will do well.

So please congratulate these two on their new positions and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Task Force 72 Command!