Task Force 47 April Report

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So, we’re going into May now. Will this year just slow down already?! It’s becoming a joke.

So, this month we’ve had departures, promotions and other stuff. But I’ll get to that in due course. I won’t lie, this report will be short and sweet. Less of my usual anecdotal punning. I’d rather get it out almost promptly than sit planning out the jokes almost as long as I write the reports for. I do, however, have… Let’s call it a public service announcement.

As you’ve all heard, there is a new EU law coming into force on the 25th of May which will require all sims to update their privacy policy. It’s worth noting that there is a Nova patch due out soon which will include the required amendments. Long and short, it basically gives any EU citizen the right to check, amend and delete any personal information any group holds on them at any given time. It’s a little more complex than that but that’s the important thing to remember. Any site which is accessible by an EU national is obliged to comply with this legislation. So I would like to ask all CO’s to install that latest update as soon as it becomes available.

So, with that out of the way, the format is as usual

1. Introduction
2. Task Force Overview
3. Task Force Summary
4. Awards
5. Conclusion

So, the overview starts here.

Total Number of Ships: 23
Number of Ships with CO’s: 16
Number of Active Sims: 15
Ships that Did Not Submit Reports: 0
Number of Open Commands: 7

Not much movement, but I’m happy not to have any missing CO reports. First month since I’ve taken over the Task Force that’s happened so I’m quite happy with that.

So, the summary. This month we lost Captain Llwyedd from the positions of both Task Group Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer. It’s a shame to lose someone who’s been part of the Task Force Command staff for a fair while, but unfortunately, these things do happen. We wish him well.

However, on a positive notes, we have promotions. Congratulations to Tyler Malbrooke, CO of the Pioneer, has been promoted to Captain, and then there’s our other promotion. Nn’khiy Solius, Commanding Officer of the Archimedes, has been promoted to Captain and accepted the role of Task Group Commanding Officer for 47-C. So a very big congratulations to her as well.

Moving forward, we will be looking for a Task Group Commanding Officer for 47-A. Any interested Commanding Officers, please e-mail tf47ATobsidianfleetDOTnet. My only requests are the following.

  1. No disciplinary action has been taken against you in the last 12 months in your role as a CO
  2. You run an active sim. A TGCO and their sim should be an example to the Task Force and the fleet as a whole, so meeting at least minimum posting requirements is a must.
  3. You have been a Commanding Officer for at least 9 months in the fleet.

Any applicant may also provide a reference to be contacted, preferably a TGCO or higher. This is not a necessity.

Now, award time.

Gold: USS Pioneer: “In March, the Pioneer had hit something of a rut. This month, they doubled their post count, going from around 25 posts across 19 players, to 60 posts across 18. This is an absolutely brilliant improvement, and it gives me great pleasure to nominate them for the UoM this month.” (Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster, TFCO)

Silver: No other nominations received this month. It’s not a participation award, after all.

So, finally, the conclusion. GDPR comes into force 25th of this month and Nova should be updated by this time. As far as my feelings about the Task Force as it stands, I’m happy. Could it be improved? Absolutely, but we’re going to work to do that. So, for now, I leave you all with a phrase. A phrase of great power and wisdom, and consolation to the soul in times of desperate need.