Task Force 72 – April 2018 Report

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Once more my colleague at 47 beat me to the punch this month, but I’ll echo his sentiments for April: What a whirlwind.  We have new members of the command team, simulation changes, privacy policy changes on the horizon, and awards to distribute.  With that preamble out of the way, let’s get to the report!

Changes and Additions

We have one new simulation this month: Starbase 50.  Lt. Commander Katherine Langley leads our new station simulation.  With an emphasis on diplomacy and cooperation with the Federation’s partners, Starbase 50 offers a unique opportunity for players in Task Force 72.  As always, I encourage everyone to reach out to the station’s leader, Vaii on Discord, to lend a hand or submit an application if you are looking for a new simulation.

In other news, however, I am sad to report that the USS Pico will be closing down.  The Pico’s commanding officer, Steven Anderson, Pete to many of you on Discord, succumbed to cancer after a protracted fight over the last year.  While the Pico was a relatively new simulation, we felt its impact in Task Force 72.  Pete joined several simulations, contributed behind the scenes, and served as an inspiring force for his players.  We mourn his loss, and the Task Force is lesser without him.  The Pico will be removed from rotation in Task Force 72 in accordance with the sim’s wishes.

Task Force Status

Once more Task Force 72 put its best put forward.  I’m pleased to see that the Task Force maintains a healthy Discord presence, communicates in a positive manner, and provides to support to its players.  The Command Staff rarely needs to intervene on inter-simulation issues.  Please keep up the good example.  I understand the change from a dedicated 72 Discord server to the Fleet channel may have been disruptive, and if anyone was lost in the shuffle please do not hesitate to contact me here on the website or through Discord!

We have several open commands this month.  72 is a great place to try your hand at the center chair, so please reach out to anyone in the Command Team or the Task Force COs if you have any questions about becoming a Commanding Officer.

Open Commands

TF Command Openings:

  • USS Temperance NX-Era Simulation
  • USS Columbia TME-Era Simulation

TF 72A Command Openings:

  • USS Shanghai Akira Class
  • USS Stalwart Defiant Class

TF 72B Command Openings:

  • IKS Kor Bird of Prey (To Be Replaced)

TF 72C Command Openings:

  • USS Mariner Intrepid Class
  • USS Athena Prometheus Class (Banner Pending)

Open Positions

We have our second go at the Open Positions Survey.  We saw excellent participation from COs, and I hope to have 100% participation for June.  This is the best place to advertise your open positions aside from the Discord recruiting channel.  If you didn’t get the link please let me know!  We are working to make sure everyone sees it.  A huge thanks to the CO of the SS Mary Rose, Reuben Gregnol, for putting this together and putting the word out.

  • Chief Science Officer
    • USS Nightingale
    • USS Rook
    • USS Yorktown
  • Chief Security / Tactical Officer
    • USS Rook
    • USS Endeavour
  • Chief Flight Control Officer
    • USS Yorktown
  • Chief Medical Officer
    • USS Endeavour
  • Chief Engineer
    • USS Rook
  • Chief of Operations
    • USS Nightingale
    • USS Nogura
    • USS Rook
    • Langley Station
  • Chief Counselor
    • USS Orion
    • USS Endeavour
    • USS Nogura
    • USS Vesta
  • Other Positions:
    • Civilian Director – SS Mary Rose
    • Director of Civilian Affairs — Langley Station
    • Marine CO – USS Rook
    • Chief of the Boat (AGM) — USS Rook
    • Chief Strategic Operations Officer — USS Vesta
    • Chief Intelligence Officer — USS Vesta


No three-way ties this month, but we do have some simulations deserving of recognition.

First, a personal nomination from me: SS Mary Rose and its commanding officer Gregnol.  The Mary Rose continues to be one of our strongest simulations in the Task Force and provides a unique posting environment in the Fleet at large.  Gregnol took on her new role as TGCO with vigor.  So without further adieu, I present the SS Mary Rose with the Silver Unit of Merit for April of 2018.

Second, for another Silver I’m pleased to say one of our new arrivals, the USS Mercutio demonstrated strong posting while adapting to a new writing environment.  From the TGCO:

They might not have the post counts of other groups but the sim is nearing its 20th Anniversary, you can see the community that has been built over that time in the posts. With this it’s first full month after transitioning from a live action role play to the Nova format, I am really proud to have them in my new Task Group.

So congratulations to the players of the Mary Rose and Mercutio!  Well done indeed!


All in all, a strong month from everyone in the Task Force.  I look forward to seeing how May shakes out, I suspect I’ll have another round of congratulatory praises and admiration.  As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to any of us in Task Force Command on Discord!