Task Force 47 May 2018 Report

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So, what did we do this month? GDPR. GDPR. GDPR. Oh, did I mention GDPR?

Wait, what? There are other things? Since when? I thought all things were GDPR!

Kidding aside, this month we’ve basically just weathered the course as best we can. Thus far, we have all sims posting their privacy policy on their site and, as a result, all sims are now compliant. So well done to everyone who’s done that.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses.

It is with great sadness that I one again acknowledge the departure of one of our own. Captain Hurin served with distinction for a very long time. He was my TFCO before I came over to 47 a couple of years back. So it truly saddens me to be wishing him this final fair well. Albeit one which I have told him is only a see you later. My friend, if you’re not back in the centre seat within 18 months, I will go Liam Neeson on you!

I am also informed we bid adieu to Commander Stevenson of the Livingstone. We wish him all the best with the future.

To conclude this introduction, I’d like to remind you all that applications for the role of TGCO in 47-A is still open. Anyone interested, please contact me and we will discuss the matter.

So, with that being said, let’s look at our Task Force breakdown going into June.

Total Sims: 23
Sims with CO’s: 14
Active Sims: 13
CO’s in Academy: 1
Open Commands: 9

This is, I won’t sugar coat it, something I’m not the happiest to see. However, I am confident that the TF leadership can pick up. Over the next month, our primary goals will be recruitment of new CO’s; if you are interested, or know anyone who would be interested, please drop me a line either via email, PM on the OF site or Discord, and I’ll be happy to discuss the matter with you.

I’d also like to inform you all there will be a TG re-shuffle in the coming week, essentially just re-balancing the TG’s. I’ve already given the CO’s of TF the option to remain in their current TG, and will be announcing the loadout on Discord at 16:15 (GMT) on Monday 11th June. Honestly, this makes next to no difference to day to day running of sims, and I’m informing you all in the report so as to maintain the level of transparency I prefer to operate with.

So, now, awards time. This month, there could be only one winner:

Gold: GDPR: “This procedure has given us all no end of hell but we’ve made it through and I would like to think we are stronger for it.” (Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster, TF47 TFCO)

Joking aside, here are the real awards for the month:

Silver: USS Juno: Commander Anderson has ran a good little ship these last few months. Well, little is an understatement; a Vesta is the size of a Sovereign (roughly) but I’m rambling. The post count on Juno is what I call good, which anyone who knows me can tell you I don’t often use as a description, So I feel that deserves some recognition. So well done Commander Anderson, I look forward to seeing more of the same moving forward. (Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster, TF47 TFCO)

Gold: USS Sarek: I want to nominate the USS Sarek for the Month of May. The CO of the ship has created a well-oiled machine. The players are motivated to keep the missions moving and the posts are of high quality. Captain H’RHar is a prime example of a great commanding officer. (Captain Nn’khiy Solius, TG47-C TGCO)

Well done to our winners, and as ever, well done to you all. Keep up the good work. After all, you have to be in it to win it.

Finally, before I conclude, I’d like to remind you all what is coming up fleet wise. Obsidian Day, where we celebrate the successes of the fleet. Anyone has any suggestions of what could be done, or wants to volunteer to help out, please message myself or any member of Fleet Council, we’ll see what we can do. And don’t forget, Golden PADD is open for entries, and this year, you can write something from any sci-fi fandom, not just Trek! So, good luck to all the applicants!

And that, as they say, is that, at least for this month. We’ve weathered the great GDPR storm and we’re still standing. I look forward to seeing what we all do moving into the summer, and wish us all luck moving forward. This is Lancaster signing off.