Office Of Mediation And Arbitration – May 2018

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As another month ends, we roll into mid-year.  There continues to be forward movement within the Fleet in order to improve on process and enhance the playing experience for all involved.  We have seen a number of upgrades to include the deployment of IFS2 with its ongoing enhancements, and revision of various rules and lore for the Fleet.  This year has been exciting so far, and there are certainly more enhancements to come!

The OMA has had a few matters brought before it in the past few months, which has been an increase over previous.  While the OMA is not essentially the “complaint department,” matters of concern are welcome to be brought before it.  If we can help, or find solutions, we will do our best to do so; our recommendations may not be the best for all parties involved, we certainly strive for everyone making out right in the end.

The OMA will be working to prepare some Conflict Resolution guidelines so that will perhaps be a go-by for general issues.  This should hopefully give Cos as well as players a resource to go to should the need arise.  Unfortunately, there will not always be “winners” in every conflict that arises, but we can all do our best so that there are no real “loser” either.  It should be remembered that though we can get rather involved in the game, it still is really just a game; we are all here to have fun as a community and get together to do something we enjoy.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer months (or winter months for our southern hemisphere folks), and that everyone stays safe.

Commodore Lane J Gravis
Acting Director Mediation and Arbitration
Obsidian Fleet