Auspicious Occasion on USS Pioneer!

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Today we are on board the USS Pioneer for a very special ceremony. The Pioneer Commanding Officer has just been awarded the rank of Captain! This is an auspicious occasion for any officer and the FNN were there to see it.

We asked Captain Malbrooke how he felt about his recent promotion.

Capt. Malbrooke stated, “It is said that the fourth is the heaviest because it bears the most weight. I believe that it is the heaviest because it bears the hope and faith of those who serve under you. Right now I can only look forward to taking the Pioneer into new territory and exploring sectors of space that were previously inaccessible to Starfleet. This is a great time to be a Starfleet Officer, and an even better time to sit in the center chair.”

We at FNN would like to thank Captain Malbrooke for his interview and we look forward to hearing about Pioneers adventures!  Once again, congratulations!  From the USS Pioneer this is FNN, bringing you the news from around the Federation, signing off.