Starbase 442 to Host Diplomatic Dinner for New Mission Start

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Today FNS was invited to a very special event.  Starbase 442, located on the edge of charted space at the galactic eastern edge of Obsidian Fleet’s patrol zone, is hosting a diplomatic dinner as a part of a week long send off for the USS Belak.  The Belak was built by Starfleet and will be crewed by a diverse range of species, ranging from Bolian, Efrosian, Betazoid, Ferengi and even a Captain who was a former Romulan Commander!

The Belak is set to complete a 5 year mission of deep space exploration and First Contacts.  Ambassador tr’San of the Romulan Government had this to say:

“We are proud to have Captain Tansen selected to for command of the Belak.  This mission represents a rare collaborative between all governments involved and, it is my hope, this will not be the last such endeavour.”

We at FNS agree and will be covering this event from now until launch.  So, join us for background of the senior officers, pictures, a tour and much, much more!