Task Force 72 – June 2018 Report

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Ha! Take that Task Force 47! This month the Task Force 72 report leads the charge, storming into the news section with as much fanfare as the Fourth of July. This month we turned our focus away from GDPR, though some elements still required Task Force attention, but we saw excellent posting and participation from our simulation members and leaders. In addition we have some changes to the roster and well-deserved awards.

Simulation Updates

This month saw the departure of Starbase 249. The Command Officer decided to take the simulation in a different direction and a new fleet. While we are sad to see a simulation go, we understand the desire to exert independence. We wish the players and Commanding Officer of Starbae 249 the best of luck.

We are pleased to welcome the SS Fawkes to Task Group 72B! The SS Fawkes, led by Mayterial Droz (RottenEmu on Discord), joins us as a civilian freighter vessel. This creates a second civilian simulation for players interested in a non-Starfleet writing environment. We look forward to watching this simulation grow. Because it is a new simulation, I hope interested players will reach out to the CO and help get the simulation off the ground. This, like the Mary Rose, is an exciting opportunity for writers to try something unconventional. So everyone please extend a warm welcome and helping hand as the CO builds the simulation.

Task Force Status

We have a few open commands in the Task Force for interested players to join.

We’re always interested in new or experienced players taking the reigns and creating a new space for our players to write in and explore the Star Trek universe. We have a healthy mix of old and new COs ready and able to help with everyone from site creation, character development, story planning, and crossovers. Please seek out anyone in Task Force 72 Command if you have questions about the CO application process or want to discuss the possibility of running your own simulation.

Open Commands

TF Command Openings:

  • USS Temperance NX-Era Simulation
  • USS Columbia TME-Era Simulation

TF 72A Command Openings:

  • Open Slot, Vessel Class TBD (Submit an idea!)
  • USS Rook Luna Class

TF 72B Command Openings:

  • USS Artemis Prometheus Class

TF 72C Command Openings:

  • USS Mariner Intrepid Class
  • USS Athena Prometheus Class (Replacing USS Pico)

Open Positions

We saw excellent participation for the Open Positions survey this month. Remember, this is FREE advertising for simulation positions seen across the entire fleet. If you did not see the survey link or had trouble accessing it, please let us know! We are always looking for ways to improve distribution and participation.

  • Chief Science Officer
    • USS Yorktown
    • USS Nogura
    • USS Nightingale
  • Chief Security and Tactical Officer
    • USS Endeavour
    • SS Fawkes
  • Chief Flight Control Officer
    • SS Fawkes
  • Chief Medical Officer
    • SS Fawkes
  • Chief Engineer
    • Langley Station
    • SS Mary Rose
    • SS Fawkes
  • Chief of Operations
    • SS Nightingale
    • USS Nogura
  • Chief Counsellor
    • USS Nogura
  • Executive Officer
    • USS Yorktown
    • SS Fawkes
  • Other Positions
    • Civilian Director
      • SS Mary Rose
      • Langley Station
    • Safety Director
      • SS Fawkes
    • Chief Diplomatic Officer
      • USS Nogura
      • USS Endeavour
    • Chief Strategic Operations Officer & Chief Intelligence Officer – USS Vesta
    • Boatswain and Signaler – SS Fawkes

Awards and Promotions

June saw two simulations perform well: USS Nogura and Langley Station. Both demonstrated good writing, initiative from their Commanding Officers, and continued plot development. I am pleased to present the Gold Unit of Merit to the USS Nogura and the Silver Unit of Merit to Langley Station.

USS Nogura

I know it isn’t normal for a TGCO to nominate someone not in their TG but couldn’t resist the nomination of Nogura as I’ve enjoyed stalking reading some of the stories recently. There seems to be a renewed energy on the ship and it is a joy to see so it deserves my nomination.

Langley Station

The most deserving is Langley Station.  Capt. Banninga has done an admirable job pulling her sim together after some troubles earlier in the year.  Langley Station has shown to be a strong sim has great posting numbers and quality.  She has also done a fine job in creating and continually updating her sim’s website.

I am pleased to announce a special promotion this month. Captain Y. Minawara of the USS Vesta has demonstrated initiative, good character, and creativity in my time as Task Force Commanding Officer. From early struggles in the new position to the overhaul of the Task Force arrangement to GDPR, he’s proven to be an excellent TGCO and example for others in the Task Force. Everyone please congratulate Y. Minawara on his promotion to Commodore for time served and exceptional service to the Task Force. While it may only be a fictional rank, it demonstrates commitment to the community not often seen.


With Obsidian Day on the Horizon, I am encouraging everybody in the Task Force and beyond to participate in the festivities. This is a great time to show off your writing to the community, share in your stories of Obsidian Fleet, and reach out to players on different simulations. Our own Gregnol of the SS Mary Rose has contributed significantly to the event, so please show your appreciation through participation! Looking head, I hope we all have a strong July and August. If you every need help on your simulations or have questions about the Task Force, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or anyone else in the Task Force Command Staff. We are here to help you succeed!