Joint Fleet Command Report – July 2018

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Welcome to the Joint Fleet Command Report for August! Or even July!

Blame the heatwave for my silliness but not for the tardiness of the report, Mac’s been on holiday and me and Sharr both got whacked by RL quite firmly. Hopefully August’s report will be earlier.

As the world slowly cooked itself for the month of July and places experienced temperatures roughly 15-20 degrees higher than the seasonal norm, we did what we did best – hide from the sun and celebrate Obsidian Day!

In this report

  • Look back at Obsidian Day
  • IFS2 updates

Obsidian Day!

As is now established, July 29th is Obsidian Day, aka the Day du Lac did an all-nighter with some friends and co-founded OF. We had a pretty good turnout, including friends from the Bravo Fleet Command Council which was awesome. We’ll do a more detailed review of the day shortly but I’ll put the TLDR in here.

  • OPL coming soon
  • Awards coming soon
  • New ships on the way (they’ve been announced!)
  • Themed discussions coming soon
  • New academy coming soon
  • Map coming soon

I think that’s everything coming soon. Its a lot of soon.

IFS2 Updates

Well, the big IFS2 news was the sim functions went live. That’s a huge thing because it let’s you add crew, Missions, links your reports to your Sim and will let you manage awards, and open positions from a single screen once I build those bits. Still debating on manifests.

It’s short and sweet this month, and there’s no song of the month because I’m on a campsite in the middle of Yorkshire.

So here’s a picture I took yesterday. Enjoy 🙂