USS Pioneer Missing in Action

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Yesterday the Intrepid Class USS Pioneer NCC-74757 disappeared from all known tracking devices. The ship is deemed MIA at this time not lost, there will be more on that in a moment.

Here is what we know. The Pioneer responded to a distress call from Dr Tavik Zojal. A representative of the Detapa Council stated that Dr Zojal had been working on a private project for the Cardassian government. Something went wrong and his lab has been destroyed. Zojal and all of his staff are lost as well. Further reports state that just after the explosion the USS Pioneer’s transponder disappeared, a small Cardassian Defense Fleet scout craft was also lost.

A joint task force was created to begin the investigation for Starfleet the USS Tudor was temporarily reassigned, and for Cardassia the CDF Damar was assigned to the task. Shortly after their arrival the teams discovered high levels of chronitons, and a flux in the space time continuum. It is this flux that is keeping the hope of the Pioneer’s return alive. We have been told that due to arrive within the next six hours is a ship from the Department of Temporal Investigations, they will be taking lead from that point on. As for Cardassia they are being hush on exactly what Dr Zojal was working on claiming that it is classified. The only thing they are revealing at the moment is the occupant of the scout craft. Glen Jati Niall a Science Officer from the CDF was the only one aboard. As to her purpose that too is classified.

The Promenade here at Empok Nor always has a good amount of people milling about. However, right now they are all silent. These are the families of the crew of the USS Pioneer. They stand and look through the viewports and wait. For like the crew of that ship they have nothing but time.

Another report on the Pioneer tomorrow morning. For now I am Bart Gold for the Federation News Network reporting from Empok Nor in the Trivas System.