Joint Fleet Command Report – September 18

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And it’s October! It’s the 10th (as I’m writing this, but not when you’re reading it maybe) and it’s time for another JFC report!

In this issue…

  • Sharr test drives the new Bugatti Divo
  • Du Lac makes Obbie sing
  • Sepandiyar panders to Yarr.

Cue the music!

Fleet staff changes

We have a Fleet Director of Communications! You may know her as Goldun. I know her as “person who sends du Lac many ideas”. Either way she’s here and ready to take ass and kick names… and we’re all out of names.

The holiday season is now over, Baggy’s been on a boat, and the world is back to normal. Apparently Markstrom has promised me an extra special present for Christmas too.

I am still looking for a Fleet Director of Services too. That’s a thing.

IFS2 changes – OPL is dead

Well, stuff happened. We introduced the My IFS screen where you can manage your OF presence, be it your Sim or your characters. We’ve also got a bit of news regarding OPL. It’s dead, never to return. We’re calling it’s leaner, meaner cousin Find A Sim and it’s well, going to help people find a sim. That’s coming soon.

Fleet Council Update

We’re looking at some of the things we discussed at Obsidian Day, like the removal of ranks from OOC posts, the Ops changes Lancaster announced in his report, finishing the last few things on CO Academy and some changes going forward to the CO’s Application Process. Exciting times ahead.

That’s all folks!

I’ll leave you with this thought

“There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller

See you next month