Golden Pumpkin Update

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So this past week was originally planned to be the week where we’d announce the winners of the Golden Pumpkin competition and I’d be giving out various prizes. However, I’m sorry to announce that we’re going to have to shelve this due to rather exceptional circumstances.

As you may be aware a player on board the SS Mary Rose, Steve Hayes, died this weekend. Steve was a valued contributor to his simulation and will be dearly missed by us all. Steve was also one of the players whom we’d shortlisted for a Golden Pumpkin Award. Given the circumstances, the Joint Fleet Command feel it would be inappropriate for us to continue that competition in its current form.

To honour Steve’s memory, we’re instead re-purposing the Golden Pumpkin concept and creating an additional year-end award. This will be known as “The Hayes Award for Outstanding Writing” and will form part of our annual awards cycle with Player/XO/CO and Platinum Simulation. We’re going to make this something significant, so the prizes will still be attached, it’s open to everyone in the fleet, and we’re going to start this from today. The only criteria for shortlisting is the post must have been posted to your site within this calendar year.


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