Simm Spotlight – USS Nogura

Written Bydulac
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As we move into the holiday season we thought we would get out this months spotlight nice and early. This month 72’s TFXO @harrington approached us asking if he could tell us all about his ship USS Nogura as they are four years old as of a few days ago. 

We started this simm four years ago, on the 29th of November with the intent on focusing our stories on a darker side of Star Trek and involving characters with massive faults. Our motto at the time was here everything into all rainbows and butterflies. While our ship and our crew have changed a lot over the last four years, I’d like to think we still have that same focus and drive. Our latest major change within the simm happened a year ago when we moved to the USS Nogura.

With the move to the Nogura and now looking into 2019, we will be taking the ship and her crew on a story arc to an Alternate Reality, a mirror universe. Our story arc started in October, and I hope will be very exciting and detailed; taking over a large part of next year. We’ve been working on a mission outline for some time and I think it will be a good story. It’s a storyline with lots of drama, some rather odd twists that I don’t think the crew will see coming, and some really good character development.

As usual, if anyone wants to be in the spotlight I would love to hear from you. Please contact me on discord goldun#8667 or email comms at