Task Force 47 Report – November 2018

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So, report time and yay, one of the first again. Who da man?!

Never saying that again…

Anyway, references to Doctor Who aside, this month has been both relaxed and busy at the same time. While we’ve not necessarily been messaging every five minutes, stuff has been going on. Not least of all, audits were done of all applicable sims. Thanks to my counterpart in 72 for collecting the data for me so I could collate it and work out our strong and weak points.

I will be emailing everyone who was audited across the next few weeks to discuss your result and what needs doing going forward. Yes, it’s a game and games are meant to be fun, I’m one of the biggest champions of that notion.However, I will be making sure that every single GM in this Task Force is committed to that notion moving forward. We’re one fleet with one passion and I want to see that re-invigorated.

That starts from now.

Apart from auditing, it’s been about keeping things ticking over. After a discussion with the TFXO, I will be assuming operational oversight of 47-C effective immediately, anyone there has any issues, bring them directly to me. Within reason. I will not explain 52 years of Trek canon to you in a single email, but there’s an amazing website for that called Memory Alpha!

So, synopsis done, now just a brief summary of the Task Force as it stands.

  • Total Sims: 19
  • Ships with CO’s: 13
  • Active Ships: 12
  • Open Commands: 6

In regards to the open commands, they are as follows;

  • USS Juno (Vesta Class)
  • USS Polaris (Galaxy Class)
  • USS Livingstone (Nebula Class)
  • USS Schrodinger (Merian Class)
  • USS Archimedes (Nova Class)
  • USS Harbinger (Luna Class)

If you’re interested in any of these commands, please, drop me a line and we can have a chat. You can find me either via email (tf47ATobsidianfleetDOTnet) or via Discord (BenjiMan#5762). I’m always happy to have chats with people about this, just please, remember I do work so it may take me a bit of time to reply.

Now, I have no UoM’s for this month. However, I’d like to remind EVERYONE that nominations for End of Year awards are now open. In order to submit your nominations, go to https://www.obsidianfleet.net/award-nomination/

And that’s it for this month. Once again, I’m going to include a TF contact sheet. Any issues, the relevant Task Force Staff member will be listed below. So, everyone, have a great December and enjoy the holiday season.

  • General Task Force Enquiries: Oliver Lancaster (tf47ATobsidianfleetDOTnet)
  • Task Group 47-A Enquiries: John Barstow (tg47aATobsidianfleetDOTnet)
  • Task Group 47-B Enquiries: Brett Watson (tg47bATobsidianfleetDOTnet)
  • Task Group 47-C Enquiries: Oliver Lancaster (tf47ATobsidianfleetDOTnet)
  • All Other Task Force Related Enquiries: Oliver Lancaster (tf47ATobsidianfleetDOTnet)