Borg Advance, Merlin Attempting to Stop It!

Written Bydulac
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FNN, Deltu Colony: Breaking news from the starship Merlin today.  We have learned of numerous Borg attacks on colonies throughout the sector!  As you may know, a Task Force from Obsidian Fleet struck a mortal blow against the Borg in the mid 2380’s.  The Borg were have thought to no longer be a threat.  However, we have learned that a small group is now attacking and not assimilating, but, destroying colonies and any ships in their way.  The Merlin was successful in chasing them off from a Starfleet research base, however, we have received word to evacuate our colony here on Deltu.  Officials aren’t saying much, but, we believe there is a Borg sphere on its way.  May we be watched over today….