Task Force 47 Report – December 2018

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Right, before I start on December, I’d like to just say Happy New Year!

Good, now that’s done, let’s get down to business. So, here’s the break down of the TG as it stands right now.
Total Sims: 18
Ships with CO’s: 13
Active Ships: 13
Open Commands: 5

We’ve dropped an open command due to a position change, and had a CO graduate the Academy, so there is progress in some form this month. Given how hectic December is for most people across the world, this is actually a good result, and I’m pleased with how we’re closing out the year.

The open Commands are as follow:

USS Juno (Vesta Class)
USS Polaris (Galaxy Class)
USS Livingstone (Nebula Class)
USS Schrodinger (Merian Class)
USS Harbinger (Luna Class)

If you wish to apply for any of these commands, or wish to discuss taking over another sim, please contact me via at tf47ATobsidianfleetDOTnet or on discord at @BenjiMan#5762 . No such thing as a silly enquiry, only silly answers!

Now, for the not so good news. Following much deliberation, the decision has been taken to remove Commodore Meru from the Task Force Command staff with a rank reduction to Captain, to allow them to better focus upon their own sim without any further distractions. The Portland will therefore be moving to 47-A.

However, I’ve also got some good news coming off the back of this. It is with great pleasure that I announce Captain Tyler Malbrook of the USS Pioneer as the new TGCO for 47-C! Many of you will know him as the Academy Commandant, Travani Dal. So, please, welcome him to his new role. I’m sure he’ll be in touch with the CO’s of 47-C soon!

Now, report time. I’m sure you’re all got your expectations, and they may be wrong. The nominations for this month are as follows;

Silver: USS Pioneer (TG47 A / 47 C): “The Pioneer has, as ever, continued to wow in terms of her quality and quantity of posting. Since taking over the sim, Malbrook has done exceptionally with her, maintaining a large crew of 15 player characters and a post count of 55 for the holiday month. Well done!” (Oliver Lancaster, TFCO, TF-47)

Gold: USS Defiant (TG-47 Command): “The Defiant is a sim I’m very proud to have in the Task Force. Whilst not always one that receives a lot of recognition, it is a sim that continues to go from strength to strength, with a strong post count for December, impressive given the usual slow period that comes with the holiday season. Not only that, but she’s a sim that continually has interesting plot lines and good writing. So well done to Captain Reynolds and the crew of the Defiant.” (Oliver Lancaster, TFCO, TF-47)

Well done to the nominees, and congratulations to everyone on making it through another holiday season! I know it’s not easy so making it through intact is always good.

Now, I’m going to lampshade a little something for you all. As many of you know, IFS2 has a feature for news items to be submitted. I’d like to advise the CO’s of 47 that Barstow, the 47-A TGCO, is the go to guy for this, you want to get a news item submitted or help structuring one, hit him up and he’ll be happy to help. In the spirit of friendly competition, let’s see if we can’t get more news items out than 72 in 2019. Quality stuff only though guys, no fluff pieces about cats in jeffries tubes!

And with that, my report is done. As ever, the contact sheet is below for who to contact regarding enquiries.

General Enquiries: tf47ATobsidianfleetDOTnet
47-A Enquiries: tg47aATobsidianfleetDOTnet
47-B Enquiries: tg47bATobsidianfleetDOTnet
47-C Enquiries: tg47cATobsidianfleetDOTnet
All Other Enquiries: tf47ATobsidianfleetDOTnet