Communication Report – December 2018

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First off, I would like to say Happy New Year! 2019 is already off to a great start with a huge burst of news items and events planned already. It is refreshing to see and it really helps us get ourselves out there into the greater trek community so please keep up the good work. If you haven’t checked out my round up of news items from 2018 please check it out here. It really shows how many good plots we have had this year and what we come to expect going forward.


If you haven’t heard (how have you not?) Bravo, Obsidian, and Pegasus Fleets this week announced a joint fleet simming convention to be held over the weekend of the 23rd February called Project: Khitomer. You can find the announcement here and the event for those who want to keep up to date or need a reminder here. 

Can’t wait to hear more about it and see what is being planned.


As a whole, the fleet was down engagement wise but a lot of that was down to Christmas time and people just being too busy. We also held off on promotions this month to reflect that the period is slower. One thing to comment on though is that new items increase engagement massively and you can easily see when an awesome or juicy news items came out so please continue posting them.

News Items

We need everyone – players and COs alike – to submit news stories. These could be anything from an awesome mission on your sim to a great post you want to see everyone talking about. It also doesn’t take long to get them approved either. If you need assistance please contact either myself or @wolf as he the Community Engagement Champion tasked with helping

Social Media

If you didn’t already know we also have the following social media that we manage. Every follow and like counts towards getting us out there to potential players.

You can follow us here on Facebook and on Twitter 


Lots of things are planned or going on for the next month or so with Project Khitomer, End of Year award voting, the return of Star Trek Discover to name a few things. It is a busy time but as usual, if anyone needs assistance with recruitment or social media please reach out I would love to hear from you. Please contact me on discord goldun#8667 or email comms at .

We can work together for our future.