Unit Of Merit Changes

Written Bydulac
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Just a quick reminder on the changes to how Unit of Merits (UoM’s) are going to work to ensure that quality is recognised and to allow everyone in the fleet a voice continuously throughout the year.

From this month we will have silver UoM’s every month that our Task Group Commanding Officers nominate, one for each Task Force like normal but no gold each month. The gold UoM will now be voted on once every three months from the Silver UoMs from the preceding months.

With this new process it will mean the 2 Task Force awards each month would create a maximum of 6 “nominations” for gold at the end of each quarter which then would allow 4 “nominations” for Platinum at the end of the year. This has been decided as it would make an easy progression of celebrating our ships successes.

The other major change is in how they will be voted on. The voting on the nominations for the quarterly gold awards and yearly platinum from this month will now be 50% vote fleet wide and 50% fleet council.

With that in mind the final images for UoM’sfor this year have been produced.

Keep being awesome everyone!