News Roundup 2018

Written Bydulac
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As we have started a new year I wanted to take the time to reflect on the achievements of our ships over the last year.

There have been many successes and highlights over the year and we should be proud that we have made many positive changes and grown as a community. I have listed below some of your achievements even from ships that have disbanded as they have made this an awesome year. In doing so I know that I’m bound to forget stuff that may be important to you and your crews. Please accept my apologies for this.

If you’d like to showcase these achievements let the comms team know or better still for write your own news items and let people know. Always looks more positive if it comes from you.

January started with a bang with Commander Charles Kincaid of the USS Valkyrie being killed in the line of duty. Nothing like starting the year off in style. February couldn’t live up to the start of the year with a very quiet month.

March brought Obsidian Command chosen to host a contingent of Federation Council Delegates for the annual Federation Day celebrations. Supposedly they ran out of booze at the celebration. April was used for recovering from the hangover from the celebrations.

We were lucky enough in May that the USS Vesta finally returned from its epic Quantum Slipstream adventure and Minawara’s appointment to the position of Task Group 72-A’s command. June started with the disappearance of USS Yorktown and ended with the USS Merlin has been pulled from the watery depths of an uncharted planet.

A flash alert Code Skyjack happened in July with a raid by unidentified vessels on the Starfleet reserve yard at Chamballa iv. While USS Valkyrie has successfully made the first contact with an unusual spaceborne alien from another Universe. August was sadly quiet due to all operations on looking for the missing ships.

September came with USS Nogura limping back to Starbase 1 and the search for her being called off. The theme of Starfleet equipment being taken continued with the Black Sun breaking into a Starfleet base and managing to get four crates of phaser rifles.

Obsidian Command, was reported as missing, believed possibly destroyed in October sparking panic throughout the Fleet. Whilst the USS Pioneer disappeared without a trace among a temporal explosion. With all the disappearing and reappearing it was nice this month to hear of the launch of the Next Generation of Starfleet ships with USS Merian and Quantum Slipstream becoming a mass-produced reality.

November carried on with the disappearing acts with an expert in infectious diseases and xeno-viral genetics being reported missing at the Federation Bio-Medical Conference on Risa with Nightingale being asked to assist. We hope to hear that he had been found soon. As November closed it was Timefleet personnel were involved all over the Fleet making sure people stayed on the straight and narrow best they could.

December came and brought the news that a Civilian Captain was released from custody to returned to her ship despite SS Fawkes being involved in a con barely nine months before. As this month seemed to have a mystery and conning theme it was only fair that Commodore Harrington got involved in a possible scam involving twins. Even the USS Defiant got involved in a mysteries event at Starbase Arcadia which is hosting a council of Starfleet commanders and admiralty.

This year has been a year of change and renew. Long may it continue in 2019.