Task Force 72 December 2018 and New Year Report

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I was so close this month – I had this all planned out and ready to go — finally I would get the upper hand on Task Force 47, but alas my grand plans lay broken and victory once more eludes me. I am happy to report, however, that it was worth it for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse! Go see it! Anyway, this report will be thin in certain areas and more verbose in others. Overall, I’m proud of where the Task Force is both for the month of December and the year at large. Congratulations to all of you for sticking it out for another year of storytelling, character creation, and simulation construction.

Task Force Status

This month saw no new or retiring simulations. Looking over our sim reports and the reports from the Task Group Commanders, Task Force 72 ended the year with steady posting and exciting plans for 2019. To build on this success for 2019, the command team and I are pleased to announce several initiatives for the next year to drive player interest and provide more opportunities for posting.

  1. Task Force 72 War Games. The TGCOs and I have been kicking this idea around for several months. We’re still ironing out the details, but we’re far enough along in the process to put forward a limited-posting event series for our commanding officers and interested players. Often folks are interested in posting on different simulations or developing interactions between ships and installations, but the practicalities of joint posts and time commitments can make this challenge. We’re hoping to facilitate a space for players to bring their simulations together under the auspices of “War Games” without concern for timelines or logistics. Think of it as a chance to put your ship to the test and your crew on the line. More details will follow!
  2. Vacancy List. We’ve had some ups and downs with the Open Positions vacancy list, but overall I believe it’s a useful tool for our simulation leaders and players. For 2019, I hope to see consistent, 100% participation from our simulations. As an incentive, the Task Force will begin advertising a random “Position of the Month” designed to highlight a particular role in the Discord recruiting channel with a list of sims with the open position. We are open to feedback on this proposal.
  3. News Items. Wow! I’m really proud of the content that Task Force 72 puts out each and every month. You guys continue to amaze me with the stories you’re telling and the way you’ve embraced the “News Report” format. For 2019, I hope we see this trend continue, perhaps even with new twists on the format outside the “Reporter” perspective. If you have an idea for a news item, please feel free to reach out. The Command Team is happy to help you develop these ideas.

Open Commands

  • Starbase 249
  • USS Rook (Open to other classes)
  • USS Athena (Open to other classes)
  • Starbase Protector


For this month I’m pleased to see a nod and nomination for our ever hard-working Task Force Executive Officer.

For December’s UoM, I would like to nominate the Nogura. I have been really impressed by the creativity shown in the submitted news and with its CO over the last few months. The ship looks like it is on the verge of something special. I think that the Nogura deserves recognition for pushing the envelope and really upping their game.

Congrats to Jakers and the players of the Nogura on a job well done!