Introducing Find-a-Sim!

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So way back in IFS1, we had a wonderful tool called the “Open Position List”. It was great, everyone loved it.

Come IFS2, we launched without an OPL. Suffice to say, it was missed …

Where’s the Open Position List?

Do you still have an Open Position List?

I miss the OPL 🙁

Until today.
(well, two weeks ago actually)

Introducing our new replacement for OPL, IFS2’s Find-a-Sim!

So .. what is it?

Well, it’s a replacement for the OPL. Using some of the flexibility we’ve gained in IFS2, we’ve been able to turn it into a more fully featured recruitment tool. Instead of it being directly linked to IFS2 manifests and forcing static links between manifests and open positions, we’ve taken the chance to provide CO’s with a better toolkit to show off their sim, and allow them to choose the positions they want to advertise.

Awesome, so how do people use it then?

Well, rather than writing a huge guide, du Lac’s done a video for it. Apologies for the accent, it’s North-East English. Enjoy the video and ask him any questions on Discord or by email
IFS2 Find-a-sim, brought to you by North East England voices!