Sim Spotlight – USS Centaurus

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We haven’t had a sim spotlight for a little bit but the Commanding Officer of the USS Centaurus reached out and wanted to tell us a little bit about the ship and the plans for the future.

You can find the simm here.

“I think it’s my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may.” – Leonard Nimoy The USS

Centaurus is a bit of a unique concept in SIM creation. Unlike regular ships of the line, which have the best and brightest, Centaurus is a little bit different. When we created her, we wanted to force people to think outside the box a bit with their character design, and instead of creating the typical class leading super-officer, think of someone with flaws. I don’t mean huge character flaws that’d get them kicked out, but singular events that caused a once promising career to come to a grinding halt. These people need to be the ‘lost children’ of Starfleet. The one’s inhabiting the proverbial basements of the fleet, those that have been kicked to the corner and forgotten about. Some minor transgression in their past, perhaps of their own making, perhaps as a victim of circumstance.

Born of a need to increase ship numbers available for Task Force 47’s less desirable mission profiles, Centaurus was created as an experiment to see if ‘undesirables’ can make a difference. Scorned by the fleet that bore it, Centaurus is used to do all the ‘Scutt-Work’ of the fleet, freeing up the main ships of the line for vital work on the frontier, whilst leaving the mundane to the ‘Second Chance Squad’ on Centaurus.

As we head deeper into 2019, Centaurus looks to be doing more of the same dredge work for the fleet, always doing so without gratitude or reward, but knowing that a single failure could end them all. These, are the unceremonious voyages of the USS Centaurus…