Lore and Tech – Feb 2019

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Holy crap.

I’m doing two consectuive posts over two consecutive months. The world must be ending.

Anyways. TO start off the month of March, we’ve retired the Sunbird class. While base on a good design the fleet hasnt seen usage of the class for several years and it’s intended role is easily replaced by the new Merian with a SAR loadout.

In other news, we’ve added the Valkyrie MKII Superiority fighter and the Gryphon Multi role-Fighter. Take a look at the database today for more information. We’re also working on redoing all the fighter loadouts for ships to have them make more sense for the ship classes and to work with our new fighters.

In Lore news we’re working on our Cardassian Story line! We’ve also nailed down a loose plot line/back story for both Task Forces. In the coming months I’ll be consolidating what we have and speaking with the Fleet CO’s as to what we have and were we want to go. Look forward to that!

As always if you have any ideas or thoughts on Lore and Tech, drop me a line!