Majestic’s Captain Kidnapped By Pirates

Written Bydulac
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It was reported to Federation News Service a short time ago that while the USS Majestic was orbiting Marga III, its commanding officer, Commander Jane Saulitis, was taken from the houseboat she had rented with her escort, whose name was not available at the time of this release, by an unknown group who so far has not taken responsibility for the unsuccessful kidnapping.

Commander Saulitis was rescued after a very short duration in their custody and was reported to be unharmed and fit for duty. Although she did not make a statement to reporters, rumors abound that the ‘pirates’ as she was overheard addressing them, wanted the command codes to the Majestic to use it for unknown nefarious purposes. The investigation is ongoing.

The Majestic was on shore leave after having been in the news recently for the death of the Creoli Ambassador Vayr who was murdered on board by a Mavill descendant of a faction that split from the planet before the peace treaty of 2296. The 100 years of peace celebration has been postponed while the planet mourns the loss of the Ambassador.