Starship Disappears

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Starfleet vessels have been placed on hold around the Carlson Nebula as initial reports from the sector seem to indicate that the USS Nogura has vanished.  Commander Courtney Hammerstein, a spokesperson for Task Force 72, had this to say, “Obviously starships don’t just go missing, we are certain that the Nogura and her crew will return as soon as possible.  No doubt this is all the cause of errant radiation in the sector.”   When pressed for additional information, Hammerstein followed up with the standard go-to statement, “no comment.”


However, this reporter has recently learned, via unknown sources, that the Nogura was sent to the Carlson Nebula at the request of Commodore Farragut.  Citing an Officer from within the Galactic Reconnaissance Directorate, “Star Fleet recently picked up numerous strange readings from the Carlson Nebula. The initial scans showed an increase of ambient radiation, primarily chroniton-tachyon emissions.”


Digging further, we discovered that Commodore Farragut wasn’t exactly honest with the Nogura’s Commanding Officer, Neil Harrington.  It would appear however that the Nogura wasn’t the first ship assigned to the nebula.  “Well actually the USS Phoenix was dispatched to the nebula first,” a source inside Task Force 72’s Command Staff was quoted as saying, “but when things went crazy, Farragut sent Harrington and crew to investigate.  If you ask me Farragut made a mistake and now the crew of the Nogura is suffering because of it.”


It would seem that our Commodore Neil Harrington just can’t stay out of trouble; Prolla 5, former flames children, and now this.  It would appear that Harrington’s luck continues to sour.  This is Brent Sytner with FFN, and we will bring you more updates as they become available.