CO Academy Changes

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The route for a prospective CO in Obsidian Fleet has undergone a few changes recently. In this article, I will explain the process as it now stands, along with a cheeky plug for any of you who think “That doesn’t sound so bad, sign me up.”

There are actually two ways to go about it, though both of them do require the candidate go through CO Academy first. I will highlight one in blue, the other in red. Shared points will be in purple. The routes are as follows;

Now, of course, it’s not quite as simple as the diagram makes it look. There are a few rules that come into play;

  • A prospective candidate must have at least 6 months verifiable simming experience, either in OF or another organization, such as Bravo Fleet. There’s a little reference box for this in the application coming soon. In the meantime, just pop the reference in the simming experience box.
  • If accepted, upon passing CO Academy, the candidate will take command of the sim in ‘Shakedown,’ previously referred to as Restricted Independent Operations. During this time, they will remain docked at a Starbase – either Obsidian Command (once available), or a fleet-managed NPC one called Sirius Station in orbit of Camp Falkirk – until such a time as they have recruited 5 players, not including the CO post.
  • Once approved by the TGCO and TFCO, the sim will be considered active and the CO application process is complete!

Obviously, there’s a bit more to it than that, but this article is purely to explain to you the steps involved in the new process. If you’re not put off by it, why not pop over to the Commanding Officer application form and apply. I’ve even included a helpful list of open commands for you below;

  • USS Arcadia – Elysium Class
  • USS Ares – Prometheus Class
  • USS August – Nova Class
  • USS Centaurus – Galaxy Class
  • USS Cross – Insignia Class
  • USS Harbinger – Luna Class
  • USS Hercules – Prometheus Class
  • USS Juno – Vesta Class
  • USS Livingstone – Nebula Class
  • USS Polaris – Galaxy Class
  • USS Schrodinger – Merian Class
  • USS Tesla – Merian Class