Task Force 72 – March 2019 Report

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March! What a month. Now between you and me I had to let Lancaster have this one – I’d hate to keep beating him to the punch. Truthfully, I apologize for the lateness of this report. Late March and Early April have been a bit of roller coaster for me (fortunately all is well). With that in mind, I do not have more news of the War Games project at this time, but we are at work behind the scenes sorting the logistics. With all that in mind, onto the report!

Task Force Status

We do not have any departing sims this month, but we do have a new one getting off the ground! The USS Andromeda has a new CO! Draxx will be stepping up to the plate after recently completing the academy. We’re excited by what we’ve heard about the Andromeda’s planned adventure and the commanding officer’s vision for the ship. As always, I ask you, fellow Commanding Officers and players, to reach out and offer your congratulations and your talents to our newest addition.

Over all the task force has shown steady posting progress and a great communication in Discord this month. You all continue to impress me with your drive and dedication to our hobby.

Open Commands

Task Force 72 B: One Installation (Triton Seabase) and One Vessel (Prometheus Class or Merian Class).

Task Force 72 C: One Installation and One Vessel (Merian Class or Luna Class).

Unit of Merit

We had two strong nominations this month, but one stood out in particular to me. This simulation has had an unconventional concept from its inception, and I’m thrilled to see it continues to thrive. From the TGCO:

Langley Station is the nomination from 72-A this month. The station has been going strong, with high quality writing, amazing posts, and great numbers. I have only had her under my purview for a short while, but in the time Langley has been with me it has always been a top performer, and I think it is time i post some recognition of that. Even off sim, her crew and Captain are great to interact with around the Fleet.

That’s it for this month folks! Another strong month for Task Force 72. If you have any questions about the Task Force, stepping up to the center chair, getting involved with fleet projects, or have feedback on our efforts please do not hesitate to contact a member of the command team on Discord.