Commodore Rice appointed to the USS Nogura

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That was the scene at Task Force 72’s press conference when Commander Courtney Hammerstein, spokesperson for Task Force 72 stormed out after being grilled on the sudden disappearance of the Task Force’s head Admiral. Rumor has it that Admiral Harrington went on vacation to Risa and never turned to his posting on the Nogura. Instead, he sent Commodore Thomas Rice, from Star Fleet Internal Investigations, to command the Nogura in his place.

Little is known about what transpired in the Admiral’s life but this Reporter has obtained information suggesting that Neil Harrington, his three children, and a mysterious woman were seen boarding a shuttle to Starbase 50 (Atlantis Station), the newly built Ithaca Class Starbase in orbit of the planet Aquil. The Aquil, one of the Federation’s newest members, are an aquatic humanoid species known for their telepathic abilities. No doubt Admiral Harrington will have a hard time keeping track of those lies he’s managed to gather over his career.

We reached out to Commodore Rice, on the Nogura, but were unable to contact the Nogura’s commander. Oddly this Report has just learned that the Commodore’s first day on the Nogura was meet with several challenges, his first act as the Nogura’s Commander was to remove the Nogura’s Executive Officer and Chief of Security from duty. Surely the crew of the Nogura was caught off guard, and sadly it looks like Commanders Seklar and Danae are just more casualties as a result of Harrington’s bad decisions

Oddly enough it would seem that Harrington’s first command was onboard Deep Space 7, perhaps the Admiral is attempting to return to his roots; who knows. Having ended the careers of Commodores Farragut and Ryon, this Reporter’s only hope is that the crew of the Nogura isn’t the latest victims in the growing list of Harrington’s life.

~ Evan Christopher reporting, FNN